Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Monday-Tuesday February 5th, 2013

Travel Day

Everyone of the original group has arrived safely   We still are waiting for Sherry Trobec who joined at the last moment and will be arriving tomorrow.  After leaving the  airport, we drove through Tel Aviv and 5:00 traffic to our destination, Netanya where we ate dinner at a restaurant in a new mall.  We had orders from Sharon to keep Dan out of the Nike shop as we walked past.  

Leaving the restaurant, we headed toward our accommodations for the night.  Part of our group are staying at an apartment where we met John and Marta, a missionary couple who are managing an apartment donated by an 'angel donation' for the use by holocaust survivors and also for groups such as ours.  The rest of us went on to a small hotel.  The hotel was about 3 blocks away from the apartment, or 45 minutes driving if you get lost.
Besides that, only one major problem occurred when Glen gently closed the sliding door on the 9 passenger van, and it fell off.  But to show how good of adventurers we are, the door was reattached  in no time at all, without having to use any duct tape!

Tomorrow is our first work day as we go to paint a children's day care center.

Please pray that we all get rested tonight, and for Sherry as she will fly in tomorrow 

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