Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday February 9, 2013
Tour Day #2

Today our first stop was Mt. Arbel, one of my favorite places in Israel.  Jane talked to us about life around the Sea of Galilee during the time of Jesus, and about the Zealots and how they lived in the cliffs of Arbel and harassed the caravans that were paying the taxes to the Romans.  In 63 BC when the Romans first took control of Israel, the zealots were about 5% of the population.  By the time of the Jewish revolt in 66 AD it was about 60%.  The national park at Mt. Arbel has continued to grow, and now has a mock up of the equipment that the Romans used to burn out the zealots from their caves.

Dan talked to us about our reading from Psalms this morning. He has really been challenging us in this area.  When the hard times come upon us, and they will, remember God’s promises and what He has done for us. And for us to be active Christians not just sideline Christians. In other words “DO SOMETHING”!

Leaving Mt. Arbel we continued on to Bethsida.  This is where 5 of the disciples came from, a fishing village at the point where the Jordan river runs into the Sae of Galilee.  There are current excavations in progress at this site.  One thing that they have found is a section of pavement that would have been in use 2000 years ago during the time of Christ.  This section was located in the access trail so we could walk on it.  Cool!  Jane talked about the historical importance of this place, since this was the hometown of where 5 of the disciples came from. Most likely, after Jesus arose and told the disciple to go back to the Galilee and that he would meet them there, this is where they would have come to.

Dan then talked to us again.  As the disciples started a new chapter in their lives, what new chapter in our life was Christ, the Messiah, leading us into?

After a stop for lunch at the holy place, Aroma’s and Café Cafe, we continued on to Tabgha.

Again Jane talked to us about the significance of this place.  This is where the interchange between Jesus and Peter occurred.  Jesus asked Peter there times if Peter loved Him.  Then the reply from Christ was to “Feed My Sheep”. 

Dan then talked about our assignment.  What has Christ asked us to do?  Are we doing it?

I must say the Galilee is incredible.  I have never seen this much water in it.  The say it is the highest it has been since 1996.  The snow has not begun melting from the upeer evels of Mt. Hermon yet, so the anticipation it that the Sea of Galilee will continue to rise.  In Israel the rain comes in the winter months, November until February. The Jews consider the rain a blessing from God, and He has certainly blessed them this winter with the abundant rain.

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